Customs Clearance

Import and export of goods into and outside a country should undergo a customs clearance process; we at Tulsi Global Logistics provides custom clearance services for all types of commodity whether it be hazardous, perishable, odd dimensional or general cargo. With our expertise to handle this type of cargo we manage to clear the cargo at utmost speed which result’s in saving the warehouse cost for our customers.

Imports MSC Ship

With change time custom is keep on bringing revolutionary upgrading in clearance process; we have kept ourselves with the peace and keep on bringing the change in our clearance process system as when and required. We have registered our custom license at all major ports and airports of India which enable us to provide custom clearance services at both sea and airport of India.

We also provide administrative tasks and formalities for our clients while offering a wider range of comprehensive customs-related services. Our expertise and experience in the field of customs clearance has allowed us to nurture excellent solid relationships with customs authorities.

In India, we handles customers / consignees with various commodities: electronics, raw materials, auto parts, furniture, chemical products, after-service parts, paper products, food, garments, footwear, molds, Ink, etc.

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